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Robert Damian Andrew Carabello Rivera (FIZZIKAL)-

  Was born in Springfield MA. on SEP. 1 1988. he lived there till about 2 years old, before movin to Wilmington Delaware. He then moved back to MA when he was 4. then was passed to Amherst to live with his grandmother, then to holyoke, then to a diffrent location in holyoke, at age 9 he moved to Springfield MA. and stayed there till about 11 when he moved to Monson, then to ware when he was 12. " Ware was pretty cool where i lived, i mean the school sucked, i was a loser but i lived in Highland village, and the other kids there were like family to me, u kno i had a real warm sense, BUt of course things change now there all like my enemies, and my man DANNY died so highland is just like a memory for me." he moved away from ware at 13 when he move BACK to Springfield " I went to Kiley middle school, that school was HARD for me, and i dont mean school work, i mean survivin, u kno, i was hated by plenty, so i guess the only way of survivin was freestyle battlin'. i loved to battle. I was known a the rapper kid, i guess u can say rap saved me."  when Rob turned 14 he went to Pioneer valley school of performing arts, where he is still currently schooling. " i HATE the WORK part of school, but my social life is pretty good, i mean i had a GREAT girl named JILL, and i got some friends, like my both my friends named mike, amber G., im pretty cool wit my ex Flo, uuhhhh my 9th grade team buddies, kristin, abbe, SKYE(my baby), matt, aunyx, destiny, dustin (cool kid), and if i missed some blame my head and not my heart." " I'm really not the type to make "friends" but i get along with ALOT of people" " my life hasn't been the easiest for me, we were REAL poor when i was younger, my mom was a single mother supportin 2 kids, me and my sis Jess, i guess thats y i get along with girls alot cuz i was raised by em, my mom, my grandma, and believe it or not my sister helped raise me." Robs sister in his opinion is one of the most Mature teenagers Rob has EVER met. " she had to be, my mom had to work, i was young, my sis had to take care of me while mom was workin, we were alone alot before kids should be allowed to, i mean i learned to cook for my self at like 7 years old, jessy is only like a year and a half older than me she was like an 8 year old mom. Shes really helped my mom out in that case, Cuz i loved to be outside in Holyoke, i could of been a street kid, but u kno jessy made sure i was in line when my mom wasnt lookin, she ws always my second mom, EVEN now Im 15, and shes 16 and she STILL acts like my mom. ist funny, i lover 4 it though"    


.....this list is just WAITING to be populated!!!


FIZZIKAL- my name used to be rob-dogg but that was wack so durin an 8th grade science test about physical strustures i was like PHYSICAL, but i changed the spellin to FIZZIKAL, and uhh i failed the test but i gotta good name so i was happy.